sobota, 26 maja 2012

LDF ONLINE!!!11 +some festival news

I am proud to announce Lucky Day Forever is finally available ONLINE for your viewing pleasure!


LDF was also featured at couple of festivals recently, including ITFS Stuttgart, Sci-Fi London, plus less recently Se-Ma-For Film Festival (awarded Festival Director's Award), IFF New Horizons, Ljubljana International Short Film Festival, "Youth and Film" Debut Films Festival and some others. See what it's all about, and if it was worth the wait :)

czwartek, 19 maja 2011

LDF's production complete!

Oh, I might have not mentioned this yet, but - the film's done!

Yep, almost 5 years from the original concept sketch the project finally achieved completion.

Now when will I be able to see that damn movie you ask?
International viewers will most likely have to brace themselves with yet some more patience until next year with 2012's festival run.

Polski widz może spodziewać się premiery filmu już w tym roku : )

piątek, 7 stycznia 2011

A fanpage is what we have!

It has come to my attention there's a place called Facebook, which supposedly lets you create fanpages and lets people show they like stuff. I thought we could give it a shot.
You like?

niedziela, 21 marca 2010

A word from our sponsor

Studio Miniatur Filmowych w Warszawie poszukuje partnerów i koproducentów do nowego projektu.

LUCKY DAY FOREVER, filmowy debiut Alka Wasilewskiego rozgrywa się w niedalekiej przyszłości, nawiązując klimatem do futurystycznych koszmarów G. Orwell'a, czy P. K. Dick'a. Bohater historii - Prol 514 marzy o zwycięstwie w Wielkiej Loterii, której główna nagroda zapewnia awans do elitarnej społeczności Białych - wiecznie młodych, pięknych i szczęśliwych. Pewnego dnia jego marzenie się spełnia. Pytanie tylko czy świat, do którego trafia jest rzeczywiście tym miejscem, w którym zawsze pragnął się znaleźć...

Film powstaje na podstawie autorskiej koncepcji Alka Wasilewskiego, wykorzystując grafikę 2D i efekty 3D. Wcześniejsze projekty twórcy, animacje internetowe, można było oglądać na wielu międzynarodowych festiwalach filmowych na całym świecie. W Polsce zainteresowały się nimi także w TVP1 i Kino Polska.

LUCKY DAY FOREVER from animacjapolska on Vimeo.

niedziela, 14 marca 2010

Lucky Day Forever - trailer finally released!

About time, don't you think? Enjoy.

wtorek, 20 stycznia 2009

Lucky Day Forever website - Grand Opening!

So it happened folks! The Lucky Day Forever page is finally open! Let me elaborate on why this is so exciting.

Lucky what?!
Lucky Day Forever, a ~15 minute 2d animation, written and directed by myself and produced by Studio Miniatur Filmowych.

While I've been fairly successful with doing Flash animations (I love you Internet!) and could have painlessly followed that path as many web authors did, launch a webseries and start selling coffee mugs and such... something constantly kept pushing me to do a "pro" film, make a real animated film instead of another Flash cartoon, not a sole effort but collaborative one, with real scope and budget... After some pretty tough but pretty exciting times of trying (rather fruitlessly) to live that dream, one day something happened and there was "Lucky Day Forever".

Even though not a single frame of animation has been made yet, the film is already over 2 years in development. To cut a long story short, for these past years it was more or less my personal little horror of struggling with the story, chiseling the script, drawing till my arm drops and finally fighting for financing. Not suprisingly, the latter has proven the hardest. However blind stubborn persistence eventually paid back and I had to starve only just a little - now things are finally starting to move! An official website is a good proof of it. Don't forget to visit while you're at it!
(that thing on the right was the first concept art for the film. Dated November 2006. 2006... 2009... Gosh! How time flies!)